This Bug’s Life Filofax Project

As mentioned on the Philofaxy Facebook Group today, I have a project in mind which would involve me giving away Filofaxes to people who would then undertake particular projects with said Filofaxes and then report on them on my blog. Any and all ideas are very welcome as this is just a very diffuse idea at the moment. Also, if you wish to join the project without receiving a binder, or donate binders to the project please feel free – all interesting projects will be a fantastic addition and very welcome.

There is no limit to what you can pitch for the project but I would prefer it to be mainly on how to USE a Filofax for time management, planning, sorting your life. I am not averse to one of the Modes going to someone who would like  purely to decorate it and make it pretty. But no more than that. If you can make any of the others pretty and functional that would be perfect! But function is key here.

For giveaway I have the following:

Of these only the Amazona has been used for more than two months. The others are either brand new or used for a week or two.

For the 2 Aqua Modes I would like to them to go to two new Filofax users who will then document how they set them up and what they use them for. And then show how you use them over the course of at least a month after you have set them up.

For the others I was thinking of the following:

  • Create and set up a teacher’s or student’s Filofax from scratch
  • Use it to co-ordinate and manage this project (project has been allocated)
  • Create and set up a Filofax to organise a family or a business
  • Create and set up a diet Filofax
  • Create and set up a customized Filofax for me (you can send me the inserts afterwards)
  • any other project that someone would like to pitch to me.  Each of these must involve setting up and then using the system for at least a month. And for my blog, five or more long posts or ten or more short posts on the progress of your project.

If there is anyone who is familiar with WordPress and/or would like to co-ordinate this project for me then the Malden or Siena is yours. (Update: J, who is co-ordinating the project has chosen the Siena and will be using it to document this project.) If you want to work together with someone else that is also fine. It is good practice learning to blog and create Filofax systems.

I welcome all suggestions for projects you would like to use a Filofax for. In about a week I will gather all or most of them and put them out to a poll. Whichever comes out on top, you will receive a Filofax in the post and as soon as it arrives, away you go.

I will send each Filofax along with a full set of inserts which you can choose yourself from the stocks I have. I have inserts, dividers, rulers, calendars.

I am going to give preference to people who are active members of Philofaxy and/or The Philofaxy Facebook groups. This is not because I am playing favours but because I want to know that the binders are not going to disappear into the ether, never to be seen or heard from again. Where you are from doesn’t matter as I will send binders worldwide. If you have a blog, feel free to link to your project from my blog but all writing about it must be done for my blog.

Please make all suggestions in the comments field – your first comment on my blog has to be moderated but after that they are automatically approved.  Most important for me is to see if anyone would like to manage this project for me. I am going into the most hectic time of year work-wise so if I manage it myself, it will be weekends and maybe evenings if I don’t work too late.

*this Violet Temperley is brand new but has crooked rings. I received it as a gift and then had to get the receipt and send it back. When it was returned to me the rings were even worse. I couldn’t bear to ask the person for the receipt again and make them worried and upset so I kept it and bought another one on the quiet. This one has never been used but if you do want it,  just be aware that the rings close but are not aligned. I am not sure they are fixable or if you could return it to Filofax for a new one without the receipt.

Why am I doing this?

Several reasons really. Firstly I am in the lucky position of having multiple binders. They are all very special to me but my duplicates are not used. I wanted them to go to good homes where they will be loved and used. At the same time I felt that the planning and management function of a Filofax needed more focus. They are beautiful but you can also do all kinds of things with them – I wanted to see what some of these things could be. Hopefully it will help and inspire people. I also wanted to give people a chance to blog – maybe you have been thinking of setting one up but not had the energy or courage. Maybe you would just like to contribute now and then.

By the way, as a teacher I am used to giving students projects – it CAN happen that a project you thought would be fantastic does not work when you get down to it.  If this happens to you, don’t panic – you can either pass the binder along to someone else who has a project idea. Or you can try another project.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh, what a neat project! I wish I’d seen this before the deadline – I’m looking into filofaxes as a way to help manage my disability.

  2. Don’t know if you are still looking for ideas but I have wanted an A5 Malden to use to preserve family memories. To write letters to my kids for when I’m gone (they won’t know about it until then). I would also add letters from other older family members like their great grandma. I can’t wait to see what those chosen do. I love this idea, thank ypu.

  3. Hi i am new to filofax but i have made a fee videos on my personal and pocket. I have new ideas for my set up while i Get my hands on an a5 i think i be able to finally fit my whole life in it:) please wisit my channel at literoylty

  4. Hi. I would love to be involved. As a Filofax ‘newbie’ I have been watching youtube videos and reading blogs relating to the Filofax and feel I am ready to take the plunge so to speak. Is there a particular Filofax you would recommend to a beginner? I have a brand new website which I will begin posting on when I receive my very first Filofax.


  5. Hi I would like to submit a project for consideration for using a Filofax. I bought a 20 year old house last year, and am in the process of renovating it on a budget. I would use the filofax to lay out times lines, budget money, and develop lists of prioritized projects that need to be done to the house and surrounding property. I would use the personal Aston for that.

  6. Hello, I am so intrigued by the concept of your project and would love to participate. I am currently challenged with setting up a planner system for my small business and incorporating social media to enhance the marketing for my papercrafting business. I am interested in the Ordning & Reda in purple. Is this a personal or A5 size? I currently have a YouTube channel, Facebook and blog/website presence and would love to post what I am doing to use and create to incorporate this into a great planner. Thank you so much!

  7. This is by far the coolest web project I have seen yet. I would love to participate with a “Startup Filo”. I recently started my own business. A binder planner system was and is essential to the process, (though I went through many other planners before discovering that.) I don’t have a proper blog. I use Flickr to document my adventures in planner-seeking-making-customizing. The size has to be A5. I’m not picky about style because, as you can see on my Flickr set linked here, I am an avid DIYer. Feel free to ask me any follow-up questions via comment here or email.

  8. Looking at all of these replies I doubt I’ll be considered, but if I was in with a chance I would love an A5 (not the metropol, I already have that) to help me organise my house (I really need to start menu planning!), my family of 5 with 3 children, 2 under 5 and my elsdest who has special needs and sees 3 different consultants and also to help with the planning of the support group I run. I have recently started blogging about the support group but spend so much time reading other filofax blogs that I dont have much time to write filo related posts myself!
    Ooooh I hope you choose me x x

  9. I would love to do this project! I am a university student studying International Politics and I would love to demonstrate an ideal student set up for the new academic year. My needs as a student differ from my personal life needs in a filofax, as my student planner alternatively needs to run from September to the following August as opposed to January-December, and there needs to be plenty of room to document important course information and tutor contacts. For me the ideal student set up has to be very appealing to the eye (as us students tend to need a generous push to stay organised, and what better than a beautiful planner that we can’t help but not use!), yet at the same time it needs to be extremely functional as with several modules running simultaneously it is vital to be able to keep on top of everything effectively. The planner that I think would be best for this project is the a5 malden in grey. A5 is the perfect size to incorporate some key lecture/seminar notes as well as the diary. Grey is the perfect colour for both male/female students and it is perfect to take into seminars, as opposed to some of the more garish brighter colours which could perhaps draw too much attention. And the maldens are beautiful planners which feel extremely durable (very important in a student planner as it will be carried around everywhere!), and furthermore the maldens have a certain relaxed feel to them, they feel a little less formal and pretentious than some of the more rigid filofax planners which greatly attracts students who want something to organise themselves but not something too overly formal looking. Please consider myself for this project as after 2 years experience of using a filofax to organise my student life I feel like I can contribute greatly to a discussion of the ideal student set up 🙂 thanks once again for doing this project it is such a fun idea! – Jo 🙂

  10. I am interested in this. I am a homeschool mom & makeup artist with a 10-year-old and newborn. I am also an artistic person, so plan to design my own inserts. I also plan on teaching my 10-year-old how to use a planner this year as part of his schooling. I would love to document this process with you.

  11. What an awesome idea!! I would live to be a part of this. I would use an A5, hopefully that lovely Malden, to set up and organize my family, work, and college life. I am a 36 year old mother of 4 with a brand new job and I’m going back to school through American Public University to complete my Bachelors Degree in Child and Family Development. I need a way to organize everything together in ONE place. I currently use a Personal Size but its just not big enough to keep everything on track! Thanks for your consideration 🙂

  12. Hi! I am new to filofax and am super-interested in your project. Just finding it but if I am not chosen, I will join the facebook group and follow along. I run 3 small home businesses, substitute teach and run my household. I am planning to set up an a5 for all of these purposes plus a diet and weightloss journal. I have to find ways to included home finances and cleaning as well and figure out how to keep everything managed time-wise as I am very busy and still want to have plenty of time to spend with hubby and my baby. I am loving being involved in the community and getting into everything! Thanks for your consideration!

  13. I have been looking for Personal Belmont for AGES. If you’re willing to sell it, please get in touch.

      1. It would be great if you could let me know if/when you are. Whenever I’m able to find one for sale, the seller is never willing to ship out of their country (despite my pleading :). Even if you’re posting it on ebay, it would be a great to get a heads up.

  14. What an original idea and very generous to be able to coordinate something like this..excited yo read the various ways that the binders will be used…I would like to use a filofax as a spiritual/prayer keep track of scripture, devotional journaling, putting my favorite songs and things that inspire me to keep my busy and hectic life as Christ Centered as possible..I believe that the more grounded I am with my faith that more everything else in my life including managing a family of five, working full time and going back to school for a masters program will fall into place…I’m looking to invest into an A5 size because my meditation journals are often lengthy and a personal would be too small for me to get all my thoughts down in..

  15. What a great idea. I am somewhat of a newbie to the Philofaxy page and the Filofax groups on facebook. I bought my first Filofax a few months ago and use it as a planner for my 4 kids school and my work life. But, I thought I would throw out my idea. I am hoping to start somewhat of a Faith Journal/Planner. I am currently enrolled in my Catholic Parish’s RCIA program to complete my Sacraments. I thought it would be a great way to record my journey as well as keep track of other church related events, as well as my 14 year old daughter’s journey through RCIA for youth. I think I would also use it as a journal for bible studies or prayer requets. I am still trying to get my ideas organized. Size and style do not matter.

  16. Oh, I am so sorry I just submitted what appears to be a huge comment and forgot to mention what filofax I would pick. I think that was because I am struggling to pick. I think an A5 would be a good size for the project but at the same time I would want to take it to work with me (and I often do a bit of walking when commuting to and from jobs) so I love the look of the personal aqua.

    So, if I get picked I would be happy for you to pick my first filofax, probably makes it that bit more special – someone picking what they think will be the perfect filofax for my little project. 🙂 I will add that I would be happy to receive the damaged one as I saw some lovely material at my local craft store the other week that I have been trying to work out what I could buy it for as sewing is not one of my creative things. I would just have to hope they still have some.

  17. What an awesome idea and so generous of you as well.

    I would love a filofax to focus on organising my creative side of my life, along with normal life things as well. I was a creative teenager and into my early 20s but then when I got my first full time job it I let it consume me and creativity soon fell away. Having left the industry I have spent almost 10 years working in earlier this year, the creativity is right back. So, I would envision using the filofax to plan out my blog and tumblr posts. Along with tracking sales for my new (opened in July) etsy store and planning out ideas related to the store. In addition to that, keeping creative project ideas all in one place (other than my head), like ideas I come up with to include in a book I am making for my mother’s 60th next year.

    In addition to the creative tracking, I would also plan to record life things as well. I am about to enter the world of temporary contract work, so recording where/when I am working will be important for me. I would possibly also look at using it for finances as being in temporary contract work, keeping an idea of my cash flow will be very important (i am not sure if i am a paper and pen finance girl though, which is why it is only a possibly.) Along with keeping track of birthdays, appointments, general to do lists and recording when and what I do at the gym. 🙂 With going back into the workforce, I think it will be important to me to keep both life things and creative things all in one place so that I do not let a job completely consume me again.

    I will admit that this would be my first filofax and I have only been joining filofax groups on Facebook this past week, after seeing heaps of YouTube videos and Instagram pics for ages now, so I am definitely not known. I am currently attempting to do some of this in just a 2013 page a day diary.

  18. Hi Janet and J,
    I would love to be involved in the project as I am a filofax user and am always far more interested in how people use them rather than how they decorate them (I think that’s because I’m not so artisitic and creative myself). I follow Philofaxy and several blogs/youtube sites, but don’t yet contribute: bit nervous – I think I need a bit of a push!
    I think its is amazing that you have had this idea and are willing to share your treasured filofaxes with others.
    My idea for the project would be to use a filofax to help me with meal planning. This is one of my goals for this year – to be organised each week with a meal plan and shopping list. I’m doing OK, but could be better. I would use the filofax to keep a daily list of the meals, shopping lists, storecupboard lists, whats in my freezer lists, recipes lists and links to cookery books, possibly recipes themselves, what we thought of new dishes (scoring system?), possibly photos?. Lots of ideas…..just need a bit of impetus to get going.
    An A5 would be the ideal size because of the amount of writing space available, but I would prefer the challenge of using a personal size. I have just moved into a compact calypso (from a personal domino) for my diary/agenda, because I carry it everywhere and want it to be as light as possible. It has taken me 12 months of faffing around with my setup to get to this – and I think its perfect. I would do a fair bit of the menu planning at work, and as I walk 4 miles to get there, weight is a big consideration! An A5 is just too much.
    Thank you for your consideration

  19. Hi Janet

    First off this is a fantastic idea. I am sure a lot of Filofax users will be inspired and I know I am certainly looking forward to seeing the results of this project.

    I blog at I would be interested in do a career development and planning binder. I know some people have put forward similar project ideas. To explain the binder would be used to help develop soft skills and plan for career progression in an existing job and future job (and less on the job hunting aspect) although I certainly would explore using a section for this as well. It would cover time management as well – such as maximising your free time to help develop you career progression or learn something new (I will be incorporating my ‘code academy’ into it as my personal learn something new). I blog about career development as well as Filofaxes and general planning so I would be likely to incorporate tips for others interested in creating their own career journal.

    I would love to try to downsize this sort of project to a personal rather than using the obvious A5 (partly because I would like to see if it can be done). As I have not tried the filofaxes on the list it would be great to have a giveaway one (I would love to try the aston). However, I know a lot of people have asked to participate so I would be happy to recycle and reuse one of my own.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  20. Hi Janet!

    I love your idea of focusing on setting up a completely separate Filofax for a specific use. And I’d love to participate with one of your binders! Currently, I’m an international travelling Opera Singer and while I love my Personal size Filofax I have found that the “work” tab is taking up far too much room in my planner. I would love the opportunity to transform one of your binders into a completely work-focused Filofax. My categories would include:

    — Keeping track of current music learning, planning, and memory work with charts and lists
    — A log of what gowns I wear and for what jobs (this seems silly probably, but it’s not so classy to repeat a dress with the same company!)
    — Travel information
    — Website and online updates to my professional website (; currently in the midst of being completely overhauled!) and my professional Facebook page.
    — Contacts, connections and colleagues that I need to keep track of or follow up on
    — Recordings and Music scores needed or that I have on file in my current storage and collection.

    This is just a start and I know I’ll be able to think of more things as I set this up! Very excited about the possibility of devoting an entire Filofax Binder to this project- would LOVE the A5 Amazona as it’s got more space and is sooo beautiful, but think that the Temperley would also be a perfect “glam” addition to my Opera Career Planning.

    *as a side note, I am leaving the country (US) for 6 weeks on August 31st- for work! I will be in Frankfurt, working on a show. So if I am chosen, then I would need to receive the binder either before I leave, or will have to have you send it to me in Germany so I can get to work. 🙂

    Thank you for your consideration!


  21. I would love to use an A5 (preferably the Malden) for a diet filofax. I have lost over 100 pounds on Weight Watchers and have been maintaining for 5 months, but I would still like a filo for tracking my food and exercise and the personal size just doesn’t have enough room. I have a personal size right now and all I can really fit in there with appointments and other things is the exercise I do each day. It would be nice to have a filo totally devoted to my health and fitness.

  22. Hi! I love this idea and would love to be a part of it! I currently use a day runner as my family planner. I have a family of 6 plus a cat (kids ages 10, 7, 6, & 5. All in school this year!) and work full time outside the home as well as working from home too. Although I’m not very active in the groups, I just found them and this would be a great way to become a lot more involved.

    Feel free to e-mail anytime! Carlnmistyw(at)gmail(dot)com!

    Awesome idea, Misty

  23. Janet, how very kind of you to offer these binders!
    I’d love to be involved in the project, without receiving any, as I’m very happy with my little collection. I’m interested in Getting Things Done, meditation, minimalism, self development, martial arts & many other things. I’m in the process of using my A5 Malden more effectively for my projects. I need to do continuous professional development stuff for my job & business, so am considering setting up a second personal for this purpose & for my aikido training.

  24. Hello! I would love to participate in the project as a way to contribute to the Filofax/organizer community, but also help to formulate a workable system for my business and volunteer work. I am a former paper planning addict that went digital some years ago, but am circling round to paper again in the hopes of creating a hybrid system that will work for me.

    I have a tech/IT consulting business and recently purchased an A5 Finsbury to use as a work planner, a Personal Malden to use for my home/family/volunteer work, and a Pocket Finsbury to use as a wallet. I am in the midst of developing systems for all three formats, but really need to develop a system for my business that will allow me to juggle clients, website, social media, meetings, and business development.

    Because I am also very wedded to my iPhone and laptop, my challenge will be to create a workable hybrid tech/paper planning system for business use. I would be happy to share my ongoing challenges and successes in using an A5 Filofax for this purpose, and can use the Finsbury I already have if your A5 Malden is already allocated to another project. I foresee needing larger rings for this project. so a 30mm A5 is a necessity.

    I have been lurking and reading on for the past few weeks since purchasing my planners, and just sent a request to join the Philofaxy Facebook page. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful project–I look forward to sharing with and learning from other users…

  25. Hi Janet 🙂
    Wow!!! What a great idea for a project; it will be very interesting to see the forthcoming posts.

    I am the proud owner of a craft business, called Starside Crafts. I’ve worked in retail and customer services for around twenty years and realise that good organisation is key in any business. I currently use a notebook to try to organise my emporium, but have been thinking very seriously about getting an A5 filofax to enable me to be better organised and more professional.

    I can be in different sites throughout the week as I work a lot of craft fairs; double booking myself would be a disaster! I also make a lot of items for my business, using a filofax to keep a log of each item and how they are made would be of great benefit (different sections instead of different notebooks will be some much more simple).

    I would love to be considered for your project and feel that the A5 grey Malden would work perfectly to portray a more professional image.

    I hope you find my proposal attractive and look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

  26. Oh this project sounds amazing! If you are still in need of a MOD I’d love to schedule a day or two to help you get this amazing plan off and running. Secondly I’d love to do the student /diet one to show people how I go about planning that I think this will make things super fun!

    If I got to pick I’d choose the Malden grey it’s so pretty 🙂

    Good luck on this project and I will be adding you to my bloglovin

  27. What an awesome idea! My daughter is a senior in high school and we have been working on creating custom inserts to suit her needs for the school year. Together we have been brainstorming inserts for managing her class schedule and extracurricular activities to class assignments and social events as well as keeping track of her grades and other things she’ll need to get done before graduating and heading off to college.

    We have yet to find her a personal size Filofax that she’s in smitten with and after talking to her about your project and seeing the Personal Mode in Aqua she has fallen in love LOL

    We’d love to be a part of this project! I say we because it will be a mom/daughter team coming up with inserts to work well for a student and helping her figure out what works and what doesn’t and making adjustments so that her Filofax suits her.

  28. Hi, I’m so excited about this project.
    I am planning to set up a binder for
    Goal Setting/ Tracking progress/ Rewards/ Wishlist
    I believe that rewarding a accomplished goal with an item on the wishlist is totally encouraging! It keeps us focus and gives us motivation.
    Hope to get one of the Personal size for this purpose =)
    thanks for organizing this project!!

  29. Hi, Janet! Great idea! I’m a teacher and a graduate student so I would love to use an A5 to work as a teacher binder with an addition section or two for my education graduate work as I sometimes need to deal with both at work or school. And I’m a Malden lover so the a5 Malden would be awesome, especially since it is relaxed yet still professional! 😉

  30. I would be interested in the chocolate aston to use as a craft planner. I’m a scrapbooker, card maker, project life, art journaler, smasher, etc. so I could definitely use just a binder for keeping track of blog posts, craft items i want to buy craft items i want to sell, inventory, contest dates, etc….

    1. just a note – any personal size would work, i just like the choc. aston 🙂 i currently use a personal for my main planner, but i want to keep my craft planner seperate as i have alot of ideas and info. that would go in there and i feel it would be too much for the one i already have 🙂 also, i have an a5 on my wishlist to use as a bible study/prayer/focus journal

      awesome project idea! whether my ideas are chosen or not, i’m super excited to see what is to come of this!

  31. I am the proud owner of Bubbley Creative and would love to use a fikofax to schedule my crafty evenings with the ladies and kids. The compact violet temperly is screaming Bubbley Creative’s name!!

  32. Hi there, I have to admit that I haven’t posted on Philofaxy for a little while, though I do lurk there/sell things on Adspot from time to time. I usually post as Cazzle.
    Anyway, I’ve ibeen looking at the A5 Ordning och Reda binders for a while now, though I believe they don’t actually make them anymore?
    I digress, I have had ME/CFS for 5 years and am about to undertake a huge lifestyle change. I am attending a course in London at the Optimum Health Clinic in September and will be working out a new yoga and meditation routine, diet, and coaching myself back to recovery with various psychological tools.
    I thought an A5 Ordning och Reda binder would be perfect as it has the larger writing space of an A5, but with more compact rings. So I could take it with me to London then continue to use it to track my progress. The hole spacing isn’t really an issue, a single hole punch would fix that.
    Let me know what you think,
    Best wishes,

  33. This Bug’s Life Filofax Giveaway for Specific Binder Project
    as submitted by Joseph David Quinton,
    As an educator, not only do I expend my day teaching mathematics and writing to transitional education students at Somerset Community College, but also on time management tasks and student management tasks, as well. Whereas, I am always prepared to present new and exciting lessons, I find that, on occasion, I fail miserably on elements dealing with time management and student management.
    Yesterday, 19 August, the fall term began and I am already behind on syllabi, attendance records, class rosters, assignments, lesson plans, and other types of paperwork that help me to manage my classroom. Knowing full well the benefits of using a Filofax planner, I would like to enter the drawing for the A5 Grey Malden to create a binder-based project that would not only manage my classroom but serve as an inspiration and resource to other educators, as well. In my proposed project, I will use the A5 Grey Malden to create a teacher resource binder which will have downloadable, teacher-specific dividers as well as handmade, downloadable forms which could be used by any educator who wishes to replicate my project. My blog is located at and I will use this venue to post frequently about the creation of this binder, from conception to finished product, My blog shall also serve as a distribution point for the dividers and classroom management forms which I shall create within the proposed project.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      While you can still post on your own blog, Janet’s concept is for the posts to be published here on This Bug’s Life. Outside of that, the proposal looks great!

  34. wow, what a great idea – and so very generous of all who contribute
    i am a sahm/substitute teacher with 3 kidlets – a 12yo, and 9yo twins. all girls. (pitty me in a few years!) anyway, i am returning to my roots as a paper planner; as e scheduling/planning just isn’t as satisfying. my 12yo is starting middle school this year and will be using a (school mandated) planner for the first time (i’m secretly quite excited by this and hope she loves it as much as i have in the past) anyway, i bought my twins cheap academic planners and have grandiose plans of getting ALL the girls into the habit of planning and scheduling and journaling by sitting down every evening and going over our planners together. So, my proposition is that I set up a filo for my busy/hectic life which includes family, home, work and introduce my kids to scheduling and try and come up with systems that work for us each….especially challenging for my youngest as she has a couple learning disabilities, but am hoping that this will be a kind of therapy for her! chosen or not, it will be interesting to watch this project unfold. thanks!

      1. also, that i am returning to the world of paper planners; i am currently using a :gasp: spiral bound thingy while I patiently wait for the aqua malden to hit the US. i’ve never been lucky enough to have a filo

  35. What a generous and lovely project! I love that you are making this happen.

    I’d be interested in doing a homeschooling binder. This is my first year homeschooling my son, who will be starting school in a couple weeks. I would be using it for both planning and record keeping, and I’m brainstorming ideas for designing my own inserts, hopefully to be made available as printables on my blog later.

    I’m excited to read all these posts!

  36. I would love to take part especially the family one, I have a chaotic house hold, hubby does night shift, sons have all sorts going on and my daughter whom is ‘Downs’ has her educational needs, doctors and her activities, leaste this project would motivate me more, any A5 would be best, pls consider my application

  37. Hi 🙂 I’m starting my last year of school and I would be happy to do a (very busy( student filofax ) or a more of a creative journaling filo (I think a5 would be perfect for this) but personal is great too.

    I have yet to use a filofax for school yet and so I’m still trying to work how it’s all going to work for me.
    I am active on the philofaxy Facebook group and when I have some free time I’m going to reactivate my filofax blog!

    I’m interested to see how this idea continues!

  38. I would be interested in doing a home management binder. I have a big family of 8 sons my husband and I. I currently use an ARC notebook for this purpose.
    I am also in direct sales ( e.g Scentsy thirty one, pampered chef etc…) and have another ARC notebook set up for that as well.

  39. Hi there Janet,
    What a spectacular idea, I’m Swatibee (commenting occasionally on Philofaxy and reading often and on a few of the FB Philofaxy groups). My proposal is for the compact Violet Temperly with the wonky rings, certainly I’ll try to fix them a bit and report back to you on how that goes.

    Even if they don’t get totally fixed I think I can use it, I’d like to set it up as a emergency medical file. I have had a few bits of information behind a divider in my pocket everyday filofax but after two trips the the ER with anaphylaxis in the past 6 months I’m realizing this isn’t sufficient since I tend keep everything in tiny print and random codes that really only I can read in my usual FF. The doctors are still trying to figure out whats going on with me so i expect this will be an issue for a bit (not actually trying to get pity here though it does sound like that when I type it out, oops. Actually reassuring you that I won’t abandon my project 🙂 )

    I love the Temperly (have only seen pictures but still) and I think that would help me with actually carrying it everyday (being honest here). I prose to do something along the lines of my registration information (what they ask you as they admit you to the ER not the FF registration), and medications I’m on and various other basic things about me, also section on recent tests results, and my typically presenting symptoms and recent treatments. Should I get lucky and not end up in the ER over the month my post would be more on set-up but I’m also planning a section on prevention (with lists of foods to give servers at restaurants and such), and one on treatment with instructions on using the EpiPen and reminders to phone 911 afterwards (clear instructions in an emergency are important because people get scared and forget basic stuff). As you can see thus has been on my mind and to do list recently. I know most people aren’t regularly going to ER but I expect there are people with other medical things where they might need to be able to hand over all their information (seizures come to mind) and might be interesting also for parents of kids with anaphylaxis, and certainly loads of us read up on setups we’d never use just because they really are fascinating (I know I do).

    I’ll stop typing now (on iPad so sorry if I missed any odd autocorrections, I promise proper proof reading if I’m chosen to recurve a FF and write a post) and shall eagerly await Sundays post 🙂

  40. This is a fabulous idea, and I’d love to be part of it! I saw your post on the FiloRAK Facebook group tonight.

    I’m a busy working lawyer, and I use an A5 binder to keep track of my life at work and home.

    I have been thinking about setting up a binder to help me manage my mental health issues. I have lived with generalised anxiety disorder and depression for about 15 years, and it’s a constant challenge to maintain an appropriate work/life/me balance that lets me be healthy and well, and do the things I need to do.

    I’d use the binder to track my daily activities, including work, and also other lifestyle factors – lazy days, busy days, exercise, food, medication, meditation, hobby activities, home care (housework), health concerns etc to see where the impacts on my mental health lie.

    A life balance type project, if you will, with a special focus on journalling the impacts of balance (or lack thereof) on my mental health.

    I’d be happy to blog about this – I’ve learned that the power is in sharing, not hiding! I have a sometimes nail art blog if you’d like to see my writing style – obviously this would need a different approach. You can check it out at

    I do decorate my binder, but agree it must be functional – I couldn’t use it in my work life otherwise! I do think that for this project it would need to be attractive to me – personal to me! So I’d probably look to decorate it to some extent (and a visual diary can help with the mental health ‘stuff’) – although I’d like to experiment to see how different types and degrees of decoration help or hinder the usefulness of the data I record.

    Good luck with the projects, however you decide to proceed! I know there are lots of people in the Filofax world who will watch this with great interest!


  41. Hi Janet,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity you are presenting here! I’m not a current Filofax user but am activity seeking a system that would work for me. Most recently, I’ve been creating/printing my own makeshift organizers to include exactly what I need. I would love to be one of your two new users and give feedback.

    As a SAHM, I would be using my Filofax to keep track of household responsibilities (such as daily routines, appointments, activities, etc.), various home renovation needs, my plan to “Project Life” my collection of memories from the pre-digital era & 75 GB’s of digital images, and journaling current events for future layouts!

    For my project, as you suggested, I would document the inserts selected, my set up, and how I’ve been using them. As part of the setup, I would like to make use of the source files for the templates that Ray collaborated with to personalize what I need. Should I make my own templates those will be made available to your readers.

    So glad you came up with this and look forward to keeping up with some of the other projects.

  42. What a great project! I myself have been incubating a special project for a personal-sized Filofax: the envelope system of budgeting money! I have not used my credit cards since March of 2013, and I am currently paying them all off, but at the same time I still need to spend for my basic needs and supplies, plus some small indulgences that I can afford. I am challenging myself to use the envelope system of budgeting cash, so all my bills will be paid on time, all my supplies are restocked as scheduled, and all “wants” catered to without affecting all other financial obligations, plus, I should still be able to funnel funds to my “secret” savings account that I keep in case of medical physical emergencies. I’d love to try this out in person, and share my experience with this!

  43. Hi Janet, I have my own Filofax, thinking of an A5, in which I will make my own insertie for diabetes management (use of insulin, blood glucose values etc.).
    I also have experience with WordPress. Let me know whether you are interested.

    1. Hi Smile,

      We’d love for you to participate with your own planner if you have a project in mind! Please remember that by participating, you are agreeing to write posts for This Bug’s Life. There will be more details on how to participate with your own planner in Sunday’s post when the participants are announced!

      Thanks for your interest!

  44. hello, I would like Metropol A5,for pages of crochet, but I did not understand what to do, I’m Italian and google translate does not translate well: (. I realized that it is ruined, but I’ll fix it 🙂 is its price ? if you are selling 🙂

  45. What a wonderful idea, Janet, this would be so much fun. All of the projects sound amazing!
    I have a slightly different project in mind- My Canadian garden is in need of reclaiming- and a major overhaul. Some of the groundwork would be done this fall, planning during the winter (November through early April) and final work done spring/early summer.
    Currently I use a compact size for a personal planner which would give enough space, however an A5 like the purple Ordning och Reda would totally suit this kind of project. A family reunion is planned here for summer 2014- we live on the ‘home place’ so I’ve already been thinking.
    Filofax for Philofaxy Fans was the first fb group I ever joined- what fun!
    Thanks for putting forward this great opportunity.

    1. To clarify- this project would be on a limited budget- done as frugally as possible (e.g. $500, though it may not be specified), so there would be finance tracking. I would also track (wo)man hours, as most of the work would be done by myself, with (some) help from my husband. Before and after photos are a possibility.

    2. Ooops- I just realized I left out a word! I use compact pages in a personal planner would “not” give enough space… the A5 purple etc. etc. Everything else as is. Thanks again, Janet.

  46. This is a brilliant idea!
    Okay so I’m currently studying Wildlife and Media at university. As part of my course, I have to plan an expedition. This can be anywhere in the world, and we have to think about getting there, accommodation, photography/video subject, fundraising and whatever else is needed to make it work.
    I want to create a ‘travel’ planner, so I can use it to plan everything that I need, keep notes/numbers/websites etc in it for easy access and for safe keeping.

  47. Using a Kindle for my reading habit had been great for my back – no more lugging a bag full of books, the one I’m reading, the one that is my favourite, the one that I need just in case I finish the one that I am reading…………..

    But because of the lack of cover and so no reminder on my book shelf I’m finding that I have forgotten what I’ve read so I want to set up a filofax where I can keep by book list and use it to write a review which I will post on a new blog. It would be great to start a book club and see whether filofax users have the same tastes in literature, Are my book choices as straight laced as my regimented Finsbury world? Do soft Malden Users love a squidgy romance? It would be great to find out.

    Any personal size would suit me fine.

    Thanks for a great project!

  48. Hi Janet!

    Does this project has a certain time frame?

    I had an idea in mind since October 2012, when I started to create my own inserts for Franclyn Covey (then) binder. I started an youtube channel, and people have written me comments about how I made this part or that part of my ff set up.

    I want to make my own inserts which will be a workbook and planning inserts “move my life forward” ( a working title now). In the beginning it would be A5 inserts only because I have to figure out how to align personal size inserts additionally. So, an A5 Malden, Sienna, or Amazona would be a binder for those new inserts too.

    Also I will figure out how to make those inserts – fully hand drawn or hand decorated using my art supplies, or just using a software, or combining both.

    Also I’d like to take personal requests from people about what kind of inserts they want to have and use specifically designed for them.

    Also I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and an employee, so I have a busy life, and need to schedule all carefully (my daughter will start a new school year at September 1, and I’ll have to schedule all her extra curriculum after kinder garden and during weekends also).

    This is a huge commitment, that’s why I am asking what kind of time frame you have designated for this project.

    Hope you will consider my proposal! 🙂

  49. Janet, Thank you for offering to share your blog and planners! This is such a wonderful idea! I am looking forward to reading the many and varied post and would like to offer a Filofax from my small collection to your project.

    1. Hi Gail! This is J. Thank you so much for your generous offer! Could you please email me at thecrazylifeofj[at]gmail[dot]com with the size, style and color of binder so that I can add it to the post?

      Thanks again!

  50. I would love to receive an a5. The idea i have in mind would primarily be to m manage my major depression, anxiety, resentment, PTSD, and stress, just to name a few of my health problems. I’m not in one of the groups mentioned, yet. But will request after i send this off. Thank you for your consideration.

  51. How about one for case management. As a probation officer I have very strict timelines to adhere to. I also have to follow up on promised actions, all promises have a time frame. And a list of referred classes.

  52. Hi,
    I am new to Filofax, but have been a FC user until the digital age came. I am finding myself coming back to paper. I would be interested in trying one of the smaller ones, since i always used the compact sizes and find it cumbersome to carry with. I have just also just recently joined the FB group you mentioned. I am a teacher as well and would be interested in helping in that scenario too. I have been pulled into Filofax with the massive movement of decorating and “scrapbooking” deco that is out there.

  53. Janet, Hello., I would love to participate in this project. I have been wanting to set up an A5 Filofax for the following two uses:
    1) Weight loss and wellness management. I have a considerable amount of weight to lose and am working with a health coach. I would like to track my daily intake, exercise, assignments from health coach, progress on my wellness and journal the experience.
    2) I am also wanting to write my life story. Sounds a bit egocentric I know, but I want to do this for healing. I have been through a lot of trauma in my life. And I have overcome what seemed to be impossible to others. A good friend told me that I should write my life story for therapeutic reasons and then maybe share it with others when I am done. I think using a Filofax to organize different ages and experiences in my life and being able to carry it with me would be awesome.
    I am getting ready to spend the next three months away from my family in another state for work so I would have the time to really focus on either of the two projects. Project Filofax and project me! Please consider choosing me. I am currently active in many Filofax groups on Facebook, I have been mentioned on Philofaxy for my videos which are on YouTube. ♥ Thank you. Kym Brown

  54. Hi Janet

    I’d love to use an A5 Filofax to set up for university as I’m about to enter my second year doing Zoology.

    I plan on using it to keep track of lectures as my timetable changes weekly as well as any work/deadlines/library book loans.

    Additionally I would like to take my lecture notes, lab results etc in it in order to be able to have all my recent notes in one place.

    Id also have sections for research on my field trip to southern Spain next year, articles I’ve read and dissertation ideas.

    Finally I’d include a budgeting section as money is always an issue as a student as well as a savings chart towards my goal of going to work with orangutans!

    The blogging would be great as I’ve been wanting to start a blog but didn’t think anybody would be interested and so this would be the perfect starting place for me.

  55. Dear Janet,

    I am a uk police officer working in a busy front line emergency response unit, the only female officer on my section.

    We were selected by Blackberry to trial their tablets, loaded with bespoke police software, and are the first to do so in the uk. Epic fail. The 3G signal was too patchy, device too slow, they broke when things got too physical, ran out of power in the middle of crime scenes, crashed ALL the time and the programs were so cumbersome it was much faster to put pen to paper and do it manually, usually.

    I use my a5 filo all the time, at home and at work. My techno obsessed younger colleagues find it amusing at best and antiquated at worst. However, and I am preaching to the converted here, I can view my complex shift pattern instantly, and my diary, and pencil in appointments with ease, all before they’ve even finished logging on/powering up/opening multiple programmes. I would like to carry all sorts of policy/legal reference material, forms, tickets, blank statements and paperwork in it for work but I combine it with my home/personal requirements too, so just don’t currently have the room.

    It would be a fascinating project to set up a dedicated police filo. I would like to do this with a view to showing it to the team who are working on the (recently scrapped by RIM) blackberry playbook and who are now searching for alternatives. They are based at my police station and are thinking of implementing a smartphone based device. I could see this working in conjunction with a filo based paper system. Something which all of us on philofaxy have been doing for years. This team are eventually going to report to Sussex, Surrey and various other police forces around the uk.

    It would be great to use the 30mm ring Malden (grey would tone discreetly with our black uniform too) in order to set this up.

    Kind regards.

  56. What a very interesting idea Janet! I am currently looking into setting up a weight loss filofax as my logs that I use from weight watchers just do not work for me and I’m struggling I really think setting up a filo will make me stick to it and give me a good push,I’m also interested in the blogging aspect as its something I’d love to do but I’m a bit worried about putting myself out there and worry I’d be boring! I would happily use the violet temperly even with the ring issue a compact would be ideal to carry round anyway

  57. Um, I’d totally love to use the A5 Amazona in Brown for a diet/workout binder, plus keeping my work schedule. 🙂

  58. Dear Janet and Jordan,

    I would love to participate !

    As many women, I live several lives and need urgently to get things organized/synchronised in one place before I run amok !!! (I’m currently saving to buy a A5 Malden and a Gillio…) :

    – I’m a wife : my husband T. is a teacher and runs his own catering business.

    – I’m a mother to my husband’s children A.22 y, & L. 16y , to ‘my’ kids, T. 15 y, & E. 13 y and to ‘our’ little one,R.21 months ( Do you believe me when I say that his venue brought great happiness but also stressed my need for planning !!!)

    – I’m a part time marketing teacher (I work 2 days and on average 2 evenings a week);

    – I’m an independant marketing consultant specialised in helping non-profit organisations (mostly in the health care sector) to improve their customers’ satisfaction.

    Lately, due to lack of time, I have neglected my close family and friends, but also myself (still haven’t lost the weight from my last pregnancy and did not start the postnatal gym !!!) I therefore imagine giving these sections a good place in the filofax setup. As you can see, I would combine family/business/teaching/diet and much more in one life project.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and would love to share all this on Janet’s blog.


    PS : Belgian /43 years old/ loves (Belgian) chocolate

  59. Hi Janet. What a great idea! I would love to participate in the project. I am starting a virtual assistant business and would like to track the progress in my Filofax — everything from client notes, to scheduling, to expenses, etc. I’m planning to do this in my own personal Malden (I’m a one-planner-at-a-time kind of girl, and I really love the Malden).

  60. Hello! I would love to participate. What a great idea and so generous of you! I am a fairly new Filofaxer but have been a life-long paper planner and journaller. I would LOVE to use the A5 Gray Malden as my family binder. I am a reporter turned stay at home mom to two boys (ages 1 and 6). I also do part-time on-air work and am trying to resurrect my Etsy art business! Who knew that my life today would be busier than when I was a full-time working woman! I would love to organize my binder with sections for:

    Finances (Bill paying long term goals)
    Entertaining (party planning, gifts and tried and true recipes)
    Project Life scrapbook planning
    Art Business doodling, business planning
    Family goals (organizing, house projects, travel)
    Personal goals (things I want to learn, weight loss and clean eating, what I
    want to buy, what I want to sell or donate)

    OK, maybe this list is a bit ambitious but the thought of having it all contained in one, beautiful binder is SO appealing! Bottom line, I’m a scrapbooker, writer, and wanna-be organized stay at home mom so I would be honored to be considered!

  61. Hi!

    This sounds like so much fun! ^_^ I’ve been thinking about doing these kind of blog posts myself (but haven’t started on them yet).

    I’ll be honest and say I was staring at the screen in disbelief when I saw the words “A5 Siena in Cinnamon”. Partly because I never thought Janet would part with it, and partly because I was thinking my cousin would really love to use it for her university projects set up (she currently uses an A5 espresso Siena and is complaining about too little space, or that she needs a separate binder for project management).

    Sorry about the rambling! I would be happy to participate in this project, “free” Filofax or not. I already have binders in different sizes at home if you want to give the listed binders to other people.

    I could do some “student’s set up” for different levels of education:
    – Gymnasieskolan (upper secondary/cross between high school and college)
    – University level, language students
    – University level, law school
    – University level, general/common for all programs/courses
    – University level + gymnasieskolan, substitute teacher or prefect

    I could also do a “self-employed”/freelance business set-up. Or a general: “how to juggle university studies, part time job, your health and family” set-up. ^^;

  62. Hi Janet! I’ve been around Philofaxy for over a year, participate in the Skype meetings on occasion, did a filofax interview on the site and participate in the filofax FB group.

    I have been thinking of setting up an A5 filofax to help organize my business and have been saving up in order to purchase one. I am an artisan jeweler and I have original “recipes” for my jewelry that are the core of my home business. I don’t make things all the time, so I like to set up “recipe cards” of each item to have on hand so I can recreate them when I run out of stock.

    I’d like to have an A5 filofax to organize the recipes by type and to create the recipes with watercolor pencils to illustrate the jewelry and hand write the actual recipe with my fountain pens. I’d also have a brainstorming section where I would draw new ideas.

    These are not pages that I want on the internet, they are my own “secret” recipes, but I wanted something pretty to show off to friends that visit my studio or to take with me to jewelry workshops. Having a lovely binder to hold all the recipes would really make the project rock.

    So far I’ve been using Evernote to store the tutorials and it simply doesn’t work for me except as a quick referral when I’m on the road. I’d like to have the complete instructions in an A5 Filofax.

    If this would work for your blog project and you are willing to donate an A5 for my project, I would be happy to take notes and photos and be a guest poster on your blog. I have a writing blog myself, so you can take a look at it and see the style of writing that I do. I think that this would be a win-win situation for both of us.

  63. I am undertaking an new adventure myself; I have just recently finished with my Associate’s Degree in Education. I will be starting the rest of my educational career in a month. School also begins again for my son, and I also work as a substitute teacher and tutor during this time while continuing my education. I love personal organizers, and have recently discovered a Filofax. My graduation present from my mother is an A5 original. I have numerous plans for this, as I am currently working out of a Martha Stewart planner. I detail EVERY aspect of my life. I micro manage, and it works. I detail my thoughts, grades, meals, my son’s life as well as my husband. In this household, my planner is called my Red Bible. All that is pertinent is in this book. I am excited to soon be receiving my A5… eventually I hope to branch out to a personal. I love organizing, and ephemera as well. I end up having scraps of everything in my binder. Coffee sleeves make wonderful notes, as well as dividers!

  64. I would be very interested in taking part. My idea would be to use the binder as a careers folder – I’m currently searching for an actuarial placement year to begin next summer. This would involve a diary for application deadlines (and various tasks associated with applications) and interviews, notes pages detailing company specifics and research, recording of test results and past academic records, and then finally a journal for completing throughout the placement year, going forward to compiling a project-style report to hand in as part of my degree (the Filofax would eventually be used for planning this).

    Ideally I’d want an A5 for this task (I am a big, big fan of Maldens, and have a Vintage Pink myself) and I would be willing to swap an A5 Black Original for this if desired.

    Feel free to contact me on for more information (this is not my personal email address, so I don’t mind it being visible in comments). Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. I would just like to add – if you don’t like this proposal, I currently use my own personal Malden as my university diary. It has a variety of custom and bought inserts, and I’d be happy to take part in using that, although these posts would just be reblogged versions of old posts.

  65. I was just thinking of making an A5 for a homeschooling binder. It would be better than using a spiral bound one that I have because you could add pages or move them if needed. Homeschooling is by nature organic learning but could also be used in the traditional classrom. Please let me know if you would like my input on using one. I was originally looking at a Malden to match my personal size planner (I have gray and ochre) or a Holburn but plan on making my inserts for them.

  66. I am trying to journal and keep track of life with cancer and a chronic illness while taking care of a family and finding peace within..I have gone to several specialty hospitals for my illness in which they still are unable to diagnose…anyone that knows me, knows I am a survivor(2x cancer already) but that I must be on a path for a reason and I am asked to share that journey. I doubt this is the type of blogging you are looking for, but I thought I would share 🙂

  67. Hi Janet — great initiative and challenge! I’d be interested in blogging on the time management / to-do aspects of the initiative focusing on both home and work. As someone who sometimes has concentration / distraction issues I am always looking for a better way to stay focused on the job at hand My thought would be to try a few different systems or types of inserts and compare them and blog about relative pros and cons. I would also be interested in discussing the merits of using a single planner vs. two planners. And perhaps the recurrent dilemma of size: personal, with its portability vs. A5 with its space. I hope it’s not overly presumptuous to post it here, but, if I should be selected to do this project, of the wonderful binders you have listed at the top of this post, I would be very interested in working with the personal Belmont or the A5 Malden. 🙂

    1. Hi Sandrakhen,

      There can never be too many volunteers! Were you interested in a binder for the project, or would you be participating out of one of your existing Filos?

  68. Hi Janet! Thought this was a fantastic idea when I read this on the FB group. ., I can give you a hand at coordinating this project.. I am familiar with WordPress, both the hosted and self hosted ones.. looking forward to seeing this project take off!

  69. I would love to participate. I am moving next weekend and wanted to set up a filofax for the family and new home to try and keep myself organized. To try and find a way to manage a home. This is a fresh start in many ways for my family and I.

  70. I’m familiar with WordPress, although it’s not much. I would love to co-ordinate this project for you, but I’m not quite sure I’m the right person for the job. I’m still quite new to all of this.

  71. I would live to participate. I’m currently working on my weight loss so I could set up a diet binder with motivations sections, food logs, targets, weight loss graphs, etc.

    I think anything personal size upwards would work but maybe an A5 would be best so there is plenty of room for the food journal, etc.

  72. I am working on setting up an A5 to use as my substitute teaching planner. I will be using a week on a page to keep up with assignments between numerous schools. I also will have dividers in the back to keep lesson ideas. Too many times, the teachers do not leave lessons and I have to brainstorm for all grades K-12. I hope to have a “go-to” section for each grade. I would like to have an area in it for payroll to make sure all my days are counted and an area to keep notes on the different schools and teachers as far as bell schedules, routines, etc.

  73. Hi!! I wanted to throw out a suggestion, I would like to set one up for personal or home business for example my photography business ..let me know what you think…I think this is a great project!

  74. I’ve been on a weight loss journey and been using a spiral notebook to document my journey. It works but its just not me. No room to personalize it and make it my own. Never thought to use a Filofax, such a great idea!!

  75. Love this idea!! I would love to participate! 🙂 I’m a Watercolorist/Illustrator/ Graphic Designer (photographer on the side) and SAHM mom to 7/wife to 1. To say the least, I’m a very busy mom/wife. For over 10 years, my husband and I have been holding a weekly date nights that have strengthened our relationship beyond the cost of our dates. I try to dress up for each date (as I might be in workout clothes the rest of the week..laundry, cleaning, carpool, etc.) and look somewhat fashionable for my husband.

    My idea is to use the Temperley 🙂 to show that a Mom of a large household and a small art business can still be fashionable. It can happen! 😉 Each week I would take a photo of my date night outfit with the FF + write a post about how it’s working for me as an all-in-one planner.

    What do you think? Does this qualify? 😀

  76. I’m currently testing out my hacked Organised mum diary in my A5 binder to keep track of my little boy, my husband and my own chedule. Having two sets of diaries in one A5 binder isn’t easy as I tend to only write things down in one of them. So if you’d like I am willing to try out the family/home organiser project 🙂

  77. Hi Janet, It sounds a fantastic idea. I have to start getting my diet into perspective as I have put back on approximately two stone of the six I lost. I would be more than happy to set up a Filofax project on this subject. Would we be able to choose a particular Filofax organiser or would you do that? I thought perhaps an A5 Amazona or similar would be ideal because anything smaller might be a little compact. Look forward to hearing more.

    1. That sounds brilliant Paula – you have experience losing weight and you have such a nice touch with your inserts and binders. I hope to let people choose their own binders – depending on how ambitious their project it, and how well the size suits.

  78. Janet, I’ve been thinking about a project that would fit right it with this. You’ll probably know that I ran a series last your on my blog called ‘Journalling School’ that I later turned into a Kindle book. My idea was to turn that book into a loose-leaf work book, adding detail and structure into the existing homework assignments at the end of each chapter to immerse the reader gradually into the journalling habit. I think A5 would work best for this (extended writing in anything smaller is a pain – literally as well as figuratively.) I’m imagining a section of reach of the exisitng 12 chapters (I think there were 12 anyway) plus some additional content at the end – further reading, web resources and so on. What do you think?

    1. Sounds brilliant Ray – then we will have a nice variety of projects and that is an absolutely brilliant topic . I am in the process of finding someone to co-ordinate for me as I am going into some 16 hour workdays (with lots of people to co-ordinate) but once that is done then we will know what the next step is – just allocate projects or polls. Not sure how many people will have ideas yet.

  79. Hi Janet!

    What a fantastic and generous idea! I would be VERY interested in co-ordinating this project with/for you if you would like to let me know a bit more about what is involved! Or just to bounce ideas back and forth! Please feel free to email me at thecrazylifeofj[at]gmail[dot]com if you would be interested in working with me!

    In the meantime, I’d love to get my hands on one of the A5 binders. I’ve always been a personal size user, and live by the “function is top priority” mentality. Pretty doesn’t mean much if you aren’t getting anything else done. But I’ll hopefully be starting a new job soon, and that job would be very much project-management focused. I think an A5 would be the perfect size to manage different projects, plan out my day and work flow, and have plenty of space for meeting notes, mind mapping, and other bits and bobs. I’m thinking a bit of a “starting a new life with a new Filo” sort of concept, as the last few weeks have certainly contained the most life changing events I’ve experienced!

    Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss co-ordinating!

    All the Best,


  80. brilliant initiative Janet … as I mentioned on the philofaxy fb, I’d be happy to do time/chronodex/spiraldex/pingadex … but I could also show how to set up a teacher filo.

    I’d be happy to do it for the sake of it and pay forward the free filo 🙂

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