Filofax Personal Ebony Deco Bargain

The only mark on it is a tiny scratch – but the most painful one is always the first one so that is one owie I don’t have to endure myself. This baby is made from glossy Italian calf leather with a micro crocodile print, finished off with a polished diamond-cut clasp and a cream pigskin suede interior.

I got this beauty at almost 80% off on the sale yesterday. Had always wanted one but the price put me off. For me my pain threshold for a Filofax was the A5 Siena. For a bigger spend I go to Mulberry. I loved Decos from afar and felt them up in the shop but that was about it. Until yesterday.

So here she is, Ebony Deco in Personal. Soft to the touch with a luxurious clasp and fully packed with refills. The inside is suede with nice little pockets here and there. I am in a Compact Violet Temperley at the moment so the big rings seem very spacious. I also have many refills for the personal so this will come into good use. I tend to rotate my binders. I use one for a couple of months and then change.

Inside front pocket. Nice zippered pocket and a healthy SIX credit card slots plus another slip pocket behind them. Elasticated/leather combo pen holder (good idea!). The Big 50% off sticker. Plus I had Club Card Vouchers which took the price down by another 30%. It has 2013 refills but I had 2013/2014 ones already anyway.
Back view. Pristine!
Inside back view. One nice big poppered pocket. For receipts, money – well just about anything that would fit in a pocket, really. Naturally.

Author: Janet Carr

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