Update re Temperley Compact Violet Filofax


I have posted a few times about my latest Filofax – a Temperley Compact Violet – here and here and here.

I have been using it as a wallet and Filofax for a few weeks now and it has been a resounding success. Instead of making my bag heavier like my A5s did, it has actually done away with the need to carry keys, wallet, travel card and Filofax separately. I can put them all into the Violet and it is light and not big or bulky. It looks like a clutch bag and is extremely attractive.

For an overstuffer like me, a Compact has been the best solution. It has small rings so cannot be overstuffed yet it carries all I need and more. Inside it comfortably holds

  • credit cards
  • house and office keys
  • ID card and driver’s licence
  • travel card
  • cash – notes and coins
  • vouchers, coupons, stamps
  • WOTP vertical layout for 6 months used to make bookings
  • WOTP horizontal layouts for 6 months used to make to do lists and reminders
  • Note pages divided into blog ideas, lesson ideas, lesson notes
  • Filofax stickers
  • Filofax calculator
  • Filofax Post-Its and sticky notes
  • 3 rulers
  • 3 clear plastic sleeves – one holding a notebook and small atlas

With my A5s with 30mm rings I always stuffed it to the gills with diary pages I did not  need and way too many note pages and articles, bits and pieces. It ended up weighing a ton.

I saw that City Organiser had some cheap Violets on their Amazon page. At £99 they were about £70 less than the RRP. I loved City Organiser and am so sorry they have closed down now.

Just as an aside – the (to me anyway) unfortunate Ikat did not seem to be selling well on Amazon – there were several reduced from £45 to £10. So if you like them, this may be the time to pounce!

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