Ian Somerhalder Challenge

After my post titled All Roads Lead to Ian Somerhalder, I was challenged by one of my readers to find one bad photograph of Ian for every good one. Well, no ways will that ever happen, but I had to give it a try. It’s going to be a short list! Even the less flattering ones are better than 99% of the population’s best ones!

You can decide which one is which!

First Two

normal_sitges01 ian-somerhalder-in-dior-peoples-choice-awards-2013 copy 2 copy

Second Two

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Third Two

2 copy


Fourth Two

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Fifth Two

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.44.04 AM 377359_510961885598773_1493686507_n

Sixth Two

599c015f3ff0fc3c3937bd964e33c130 ian-somerhalder-maggie-grace

Seventh Two

article-0-1907312A000005DC-663_634x750 Ian-Somerhalder-Scream-awards-2010-ian-somerhalder-16444067-640-431

Eighth Two

Ian-Walking-at-LAX-Airport-with-Nina-August-08-2011-ian-somerhalder-24447439-680-1001 Ian-Somerhalder-Scream-awards-2010-ian-somerhalder-16444071-596-800

Ninth One (sorry couldn’t find another one!)


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