RIP Avalonia Waldor – my favourite Boerboel

Met him once before he left for Australia and he ruined me for anyone else….he died of cancer in the neck last year at the age of 12. Sandra Mullaly says he did not suffer. RIP boy – hope it is nice at the rainbow bridge. For a complete index of all my Boerboel posts, click here.





Here are two of his offspring – in both cases the sire is Avalonia Waldor and the dam is Ataraxia Zula.

Billabong Cinnamon(Mato) aged 9 weeks

Billabong Mato aged 7 weeks. Look at those huge feet!

Billabong Boss at 16 months

Billabong Boss at 16 months

Billabong Boss 16 months

Billabong Boss 16 months

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  1. I am a young man with a passion for beorboel
    I would like to know how I would go about purchaseing one

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    • The best thing I think is to join one of the Facebook groups for Boerboel enthusiasts. They will guide you to the best breeders in your particular area. There are increasing problems now with bad breeders so it is important to get a good one.



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