FOTD #7 – A5 Grey Malden

This is the only Filofax I could not photograph empty as both my A5 Grey Maldens are very much in use. They are stuffed to the gills and would be a nightmare to empty and refill. So for these ones you will see slightly different pics.

This is a lovely Filofax – I particularly like the pencil case-type zippered pocket at the front. It actually holds a lot and does not make the pocket too bulgy to write on. It is also extremely flexible so takes a stuffing. It does not provide a sturdy writing surface to lean on though so if you are not sure about buying this rather different Filofax, try have a feel of one in real life first.

Nice 30mm rings and good pocket configuration. I have added a charm to the zipper pull because I find Filofax zips so boring. How hard would it be to personalise them with a Filofax F? You can see that the outline of the rings shows as a ‘backbone’ on the front cover. I keep the notebook in the flap at the back. I took it out so you could see the full-leather slip pocket and also hide some confidential information which was showing.

The different colours of these show different wear patterns (the ochre being the most varied) but even the usually uniform grey shows some marks (they can be seen on the front cover of mine). I bought one of mine online and one in a shop. In the shop you can definitely pick and choose whereas online you just get what they send you.


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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh an A5 grey Malden is on my dream list! I don’t have an A5 and want one for my home/home business!

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